Yo-Zuri 3DB Crayfish Slow Sinking Lure

Slow Sinking butterfly stroke Action
Jointed tail
Wave motion leg

The 3DB Crayfish has molded legs, which creates distinctive wave-motions and vibrations that, from a protracted distance, fish can locate with their lateral traces. This 2d patented function of the Yo-Zuri 3DB Collection of baits is the flash created via the 3-D Inside Prism. That is Gradual sinking freshwater bait that may be fished as a swim jig or for flipping. The 3DB Crayfish has an jointed tail phase that produces it is distinctive swimming Motion. The double hook is held in position via the cord weed protect and claws flow up whilst the bait is sitting at the backside.
Gradual Sinking butterfly stroke Motion
Jointed tail
Wave movement leg
Prism egg sac
Weight: three/four oz..


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