XS DXT Big Dot Glock .45ACP/10mm

XS DXT Big Dot Glock .45ACP/10mm
DXT Big Dot Tritium Front
Fits Glock 20,29,21,30,37,38,39,41

XS DXT and DXW attractions are the best attractions made for speedy sight acquisition in all Gentle stipulations. Day-Gentle, Part-Gentle, or Low-Gentle, simply “dot the i”. Speedy, easy and efficient. That is without equal self protection sight gadget that gives attractions you’ll see across the clock. A few firearms’ rear attractions don’t seem to be thick or tall sufficient to deal with a tritium vial. Precision machined in Fort Value, TX.
XS DXT Large Dot Glock .45ACP/10mm
DXT Large Dot Tritium Entrance
Suits Glock 20,29,21,30,37,38,39,41
Inexperienced With White Define
Install Equipment Integrated


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