Vincere Sprites Low Top Sand Socks

Top quality materials and construction for durability: Neoprene sole with lycra upper, snug elastic cuff to keep sand out
Protect feet from hot sand, mud, blisters, sunburn
Improve performance for beach volleyball, sand sports, snorkeling

Note: Sprite Low Best Sand Socks are compatible smaller than regular Sand Socks. Please use the precise size chart for variety. Give protection to your feet at the beach and within the water with Sand Socks – now in a brand new low-Best version! At iSnorkel, we discover these to be a great sock to wear inside of your snorkeling fins in addition to for sand soccer and beach volleyball. Sand Socks from Vincere Sports Give protection to feet from abrasions and blisters due to salt water and sand particles trapped inside of fin foot pockets. Features: Tough neoprene sole resists abrasions from heavy sand or occasional rough surfaces and protects from hot or cold surfaces. (Now not for extended wear on rough surfaces, or on textured pool linings or decks.) Absolute best quality 4-method stretch Lycra uppers are breathable, cool, and keep sand out of the socks whilst providing very good sun protection with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of fifty+. Quality Nylon/Polyester threads make Sand Socks durable beneath the stresses of sun/sand/salt water conditions. 4-needle locking flat stitch the use of 6 threads provides additional durability. Please note: These are socks, Now not shoes. Sand Socks are designed to give protection to from occasional beach hazards such as small rocks, weeds, or rough objects; they aren’t designed for continuous exposure to such hazards. When coping with rough surfaces, including textured pool decks and liners, Sand Socks will have to be worn with shoes or sandals to give protection to the product and your feet. Use not unusual sense and Give protection to your feet (and the socks!) from rough or sharp objects and surfaces.
Top of the range materials and construction for sturdiness: Neoprene sole with lycra higher, snug elastic cuff to keep sand out
Give protection to feet from hot sand, mud, blisters, sunburn
Support performance for beach volleyball, sand sports, snorkeling
Size XXS: Mens/boys US 1 (Womens 1-1.5). Size XS: Mens/boys US 1.5-2.5 (Womens 2-4.5). Size Small: Mens/boys US 3-5 (Womens 5-7). Size Medium: Mens US 5.5-8.5 (Womens 7.5-10). Size Large: Mens US 9-10.5 (Womens 10.5-12). Size XL: Mens US 11-12


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