Vac Rac Combi Rack

At just about each and every circle of relatives reunion fishing travel, your uncle Terry without a doubt forgets to safe the fishing rods to the highest of the vehicle (bringing new which means to the term “fly rod”), which additionally frequently makes for a large to-do about whose genes did he inherit in the end and was once the milkman concerned. Then again, the sort other folks over at Vac Rac crafted up the cutting edge Combi Rack: an creative approach to flying rods and circle of relatives squabbles. The Combi Rack is each vacuum-provided and magnetized for steel automobiles and holds as much as 4 rods securely. The comfortable padding ensures that the rack may not scuff up your rods even as the pillar mount, wrap-around cords, and simple unclipping makes transitioning from automobile to the lake simple as consuming a slice of your Grandma’s prized apple pie.


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