UTG AccuShot Airgun Target

Tough and Smart Target Design for Both Plastic and Metal Pellets
Hard Cardboard and Targets Included
Multi-layer Pellet Resistant Curtains, Reinforced Impact Resistant Polymer Frame

Airgun Goal Lure for Capturing 30 – 60 Ft with Energy upto 1200 FPS. Framed w/Bolstered Have an effect on Resistant Polymer and Rear Steel Wall. Entire w/Onerous Cardboard Goal and Multi-layer Pellet Resistant Curtains for Surest Pellet Preventing Efficiency
Tricky and Sensible Goal Layout for Each Plastic and Steel Pellets
Onerous Cardboard and Objectives Integrated
Multi-layer Pellet Resistant Curtains, Bolstered Have an effect on Resistant Polymer Body
Detachable Rear Steel Wall, eight”x9.seventy five”X9.seventy five”
Advisable Capturing Distance: 30-60 Ft


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