Twist II Inflatable Kayak

PVC-Free, Green, rubber-coated Polyester Fabric
Packs in sleeping bag size stuff sack
Removable tracking fin

The Double Twist is the lightest, greenest, general recreation inflatable kayak available on the market. At 23 pounds the Double Twist is available in a nylon bag no larger than a sleeping bag stuff sack — simply backpackable. Fabricated from LitePackTM Cloth, this kayak is built of rip-forestall polyester Cloth with a coating of natural rubbers at the interior for excellent air retention. The Twist is Inexperienced as it does now not use PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) in its Cloth like nearly all of competing inflatables, and the arena is somewhat higher for it. The detailing at the Double Twist is an identical to our upper priced kayaks. Fine quality bayonet-taste valves are utilized in three separate main chambers. The kayak can also be paddled to shore within the not likely event that anyone of its chambers loses air. A considerable, removable tracking fin is included, and power bungees are put in in the back of the seat.
PVC-Free, Inexperienced, rubber-lined Polyester Cloth
Packs in sleeping bag size stuff sack
Removable tracking fin
Stable and comfy












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