TightSpot™ Quiver Lost Camo


TightSpot Quiver. After all. A bow quiver to complement, not compromise, the performance of your hunting bow! Are you one of the most many bowhunters who eliminate their quiver from the bow before you shoot… assuring better shooting accuracy but sacrificing having your arrows handy for the following shot? The brand new TightSpot Quiver is the first bow quiver designed that can assist you shoot better whilst keeping the bow quiver attached in your bow. How’s it different from anything else you will have used? It is all in the main points: Ultra-tough hood Made of a new space-age polymer, this hood has been designed for as of late’s expandables and low profile fixed blades (1 3/16″ and under) to offer protection to you from sharp blades and offer protection to the blades from getting dull. The low profile hood also offers less wind resistance when shooting on windy days. And it is so tough, you’ll be able to literally drive over the hood and it is going to not break! Phantom foam- So dense, all you wish to have to bury are the broadhead tips, so your expandables may not open whilst within the quiver. The result is broadheads which might be able to shoot and not exposed. Maximized distance (18) between hood and grippers for minimized arrow vibration and noise Quivers with a short “wheelbase” leave numerous arrow unattached where it’s free to vibrate and make noise, alerting game to where they may “jump the string.” On a TightSpot Quiver, the distance between the hood and the grippers is 18″, the longest distance of any one-piece bow quiver! The result is less arrow and bow quiver vibration and no more unwanted noise! QuickLock Cam- Means that you can quickly, quietly and easily adjust bow quiver position or detach bow quiver from the bow. Super-premium wrapped carbon rods- Exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, excellent stability and maximum vibration absorption. In truth, these rods work so well that your bow will vibrate less with a TightSpot Quiver attached than without a bow quiver at all! Exclusive ArrowWedge Gripper System- Adjust the bow quiver arrow grip for every individual arro










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