SWIFT SR663S Reliant Pistol Scope, Silver

2×20 Pistol Scope
BaK7 Schott Glass
Multi-coated Optics

The Quick Reliant Pistol Scope options one-piece monobloc tube development to insure potential and surprise resistance and decided on multi-lined optics provide brightest symbol at 4-energy magnification. Those features, plus self-centering Quadraplex reticle, make an effective scope for searching and aim taking pictures. The Quick 2×20 Pistol Scope is to be had in Matte (663M) and Silver (663S) end. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR 357 Magazine or higher handguns.
2×20 Pistol Scope
BaK7 Schott Glass
Multi-lined Optics
Parallax Loose at 50 yards
Water resistant, Fog evidence and Shockproof


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