Swarovski Optik Z6 1.7-10X42 BRH Riflescope (Black)

6X zoom. Low power for greater Field of View; high power for greater detail and identification. 30mm central tube.
Patented 4-point coil spring system for ultimate reliability, holds zero absolutely and absorbs recoil shock to scope.
Extended eye relief for more comfort and safety.

Z6 1.7-10X42 BRH riflescope-With Ballistic Reticle
6X zoom. Low energy for larger Box of View; top energy for larger element and identity. 30mm significant tube.
Patented four-aspect coil spring machine for final reliability, holds 0 completely and absorbs flinch surprise to scope.
Prolonged eye aid for extra convenience and protection.
Eye aid larger from 95mm to 120mm.
Extremely-exact adjustment turrets and assured surprise resistance, even for massive quality rifles.


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