Swarovski 25-50-xWW Eyepiece

Wide-angle spotting scope eyepiece with 25-50x magnification range
Unique optical system with spherical lens provides edge-to-edge detail
Wide-angle design gives you versatile photo options through spotting scope

The 25-50 eyepiece is versatile and functional whilst providing a superior optical performance. Identify objects at 20 power and then zoom as much as 50 power for detailed remark. The 25-50 eyepiece provides a wide field of view and top quality images across all magnification ranges. The Quick-lock automatic mechanism secures the eyepiece in place and prevents accidental detachment from the scope body.
Enjoy the viewing comfort of a wide-angle eyepiece across all of the magnification range with the Swarovski Optik 25-50x W eyepiece. Compatible with ATM/STM and ATS/STS spotting scopes, the eyepiece covers the most typical settings in birdwatching–including close-in detailed remark–whilst also letting you scan all of the terrain from a longer distance. The eyepiece is equipped with a unique optical system with a spherical lens, providing an edge-to-edge viewing experience in sharp detail. The wide-angle design, meanwhile, permits you to take photos through your spotting scope of both flocks and individual species, depending on your magnification setting. And due to the eyepiece’s automatic quick-lock attachment system, you’ll protected the eyepiece in place even if you find yourself at the move.

The eyepiece also features a built-in glass cover that protects against dust and dirt even if the eyepiece is got rid of. Users will also love the bayonet connector, which makes it easy and quiet to change the eyepiece. After all, the lens features a nonstick Swaroclean coating at the outer surface, which makes it considerably easier to clean objective and eyepiece lenses. The coating–which helps extend the lifespan of your lens–is particularly effective when you wish to have to take away dried-on mineral residues (such as water marks from condensation), insect repellents, and tree resin. Suitable to be used with all Swarovski Optik adapters, the 25-50x W eyepiece weighs only 10.4 ounces and carries the company’s legendary lifetime warranty.

About Swarovski Optik
Despite the fact that founded in 1949, Swarovski Optik’s roots in truth trace all of the as far back as 1895, when Austrian Daniel Swarovski–who invented the world’s first electric grinding machine for jewelry stones–established the circle of relatives-owned Swarovski Crystal in the province of Tyrol. Since then, the name Swarovski has change into synonymous all over the world with the clearest crystal, precision grinding, and a brilliant spirit of innovation, as the original enterprise continued branching out into additional lines of business.

Swarovski Optik owes its rise to Wilhelm Swarovski, son of the original founder and an avid hobby astronomer, who made up our minds to build his own improved binocular in 1935 at a mere 17 years of age. With get admission to to the specialized glass production and finishing technologies already used to manufacture jewelry stones in his father’s factory, Wilhelm managed to develop a novel prism fabrication and grinding process that he applied in constructing his first 6×30 binocular. Wilhelm went on to found Swarovski Optik KG in Absam, Tyrol, in 1949, thus laying the foundation for a sports optics company with a global reputation. His company’s first serial product, the Habicht 7×42, is still an industry standard in the field of hunting optics and continues to be produced in the most productive tradition of its founder.

Wide-angle spotting scope eyepiece with 25-50x magnification range
Unique optical system with spherical lens provides edge-to-edge detail
Wide-angle design offers you versatile photo options through spotting scope
Automatic quick-lock attachment system; built-in glass cover
Nonstick Swaroclean coating on outer surface; lifetime warranty


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