Stren MagnaThin Monofilament Fishing Line

Smaller diameter for less water drag, faster sinking and improved lure action
High strength-to-diameter ratio allows anglers to drop down a line size or two without sacrificing strength
Easy to control for long, smooth casts

AMAZINGLY THIN, ASTONISHINGLY STRONG Herbal trap motion and coffee visibility are options that place Stren MagnaThin as a best choice for transparent water or line-cautious gamefish, but the defining characteristic of this outstanding line is its remarkable potential-to-diameter ratio. Anglers can drop down a dimension or with out sacrificing potential. While potential, skinny diameter and casting accuracy rely, a professional anglers rely on Stren MagnaThin.
Smaller diameter for much less water drag, quicker sinking and progressed trap motion
Top potential-to-diameter ratio lets in anglers to drop down a line dimension or with out sacrificing potential
Simple to regulate for lengthy, clean casts
Low stretch


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