St. Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning Rods

Premium-quality SCII graphite.
Specialized inshore saltwater series designed and built for superior performance.
Batson Forecast® hard aluminum-oxide guides with 316 stainless-steel frames for dramatically improved corrosion resistance compared to 304 stainless-steel frames.

Do not you simply hate whilst you get take on spam? EXACTLY. There’s no take on spam. And fishing does not email you with work on a Saturday night time and ruin your weekend. If fishing did make demands of a while on a Sunday night time, smartly, that would not be so dangerous anyway. It could simply inform you to take hold of a Mojo Inshore rod and get to work. Tooled from St. Croix’s premium-high quality SCII graphite clean and completed with saltwater-grade guides, those rods are extremely sturdy and ship the products in all their spinning and casting configurations. A real price.
Premium-high quality SCII graphite.
Specialised inshore saltwater series designed and constructed for superior efficiency.
Batson Forecast® laborious aluminum-oxide guides with 316 stainless steel frames for dramatically improved corrosion resistance in comparison to 304 stainless steel frames.


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