Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi-Braid Superline

Ultra smooth 8 carrier braid
New Filler Package New Smaller, Clear Spool Less Weight Less Waste
Innovative cold-fusion process

The most efficient of Spider Twine efficiency can be present in Ultra forged as a result of it’s the best quality, easiest performing series within the Spider Twine logo. Handiest The most efficient generation and so much complex nylons, fluoro-polymers and Prime Molecular Weight PE fibers qualify for an Ultra forged fishing line. Final fishing line, for Final efficiency. Outcasts and outlasts every other braid.
Ultra easy 8 carrier braid
New Filler Package deal New Smaller, Transparent Spool Much less Weight Much less Waste
Cutting edge chilly-fusion procedure
Translucency for close to invisibility
Extraordinarily Prime energy-according to- diameter


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