Shepherd Scopes 6-18×40 Riflescope, Dual Reticle V2, Black anodized

One Shot Zero
Visual confirmation of wind and elevation
Instant range finding and bullet drop compensation

The one One Shot 0, Wireless Vary discovering scope. The SHEPHERD three-10×40 P2 Twin Reticle Device Rifle Scope (310-P2) works on the whole thing from a .223 varmint load to a 338 Win., 250 grain endure stopper. The style 310-P2 has 18″ Vary-discovering circles that have compatibility deer and armed forces silhouettes. Please notice that circles can also be adjusted up or down to house quicker or slower so much.
One Shot 0
Visible affirmation of wind and elevation
Wireless Vary discovering and bullet drop repayment
1/four M.O.A. clicks at the ranging circles and friction changes at the move hairs provide you with 0.001 M.O.A. changes


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