Sabiki 7-Feet Saltwater Fishing Pole

Sabiki Rod 7 foot for catching bait
Lifetime Warranty
100% customer satisfaction or your money back

Sabiki Rod 7′ for catching bait! Designed and built for This rod is highest for catching Ballyhoo, Cigar Minnows, Arduous Tails, Goggle Eyes, Blue Runners, and lots of different baits! The hole within the rod is 7/16″ and can accomodate such a lot hooks found on such a lot rigs. The rod permits all of the sabiki rig with all of the hooks, to wind up and store throughout the rod. Not more sabiki hooks to your garments otherwise you! Can be utilized with any micro spinning or bait forged reel. Sabiki rigs last eternally and won’t get twisted. Now we have built this rod as 2 items for ease of storage. Can pay for itself the primary time you catch bait. Never buy bait again! Lifetime Guaranty! Free Replacement! one hundred% Customer satisfaction or your a refund! Customer Service: 850-269-1704 Around the world leader in offshore fishing take on since 1998
Sabiki Rod 7 foot for catching bait
Lifetime Guaranty
one hundred% customer satisfaction or your a refund
free shipping
2 piece construction for simple storage


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