RIO Powerflex Tippet – 3-Pack

Material: nylon
Overall Length: 30 yards
Size: 0 X 1 X, 2 X 3 X, 4 X 5 X, 6 X

What fly you are fishing, the drift of the river, and the dimensions of fish you are concentrated on all resolve what Dimension of tippet you must be the usage of, so manage to make changes in your presentation with the Rio Powerflex Tippet 3-Percent. Those 3-packs are offered in 3 other units with sizes starting from 0X to 2X, 3X to 5X, and 4X to 6X, so your tippet delicate will likely be absolutely loaded and able to tie on the whole thing from closely-weighted double monkey butt streamers to tiny gnats.
Subject matter: nylon
General Period: 30 yards
Dimension: 0 X 1 X, 2 X 3 X, 4 X 5 X, 6 X
Take a look at: [0X] 15 lb, [1X] 13 lb, [2X] 10 lb, [3X] 8.2 lb, [4X] 6.4 lb, [5X] 5 lb, [6X] 3 lb
Diameter: [0X] 0.011 in, [1X] 0.010 in, [2X] 0.009 in, [3X] 0.008 in, [4X] 0.007 in, [5X] 0.006 in, [6X] 0.005 in


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