Rapala Jigging Rap 05 Fishing Lure

Rapala by Normark Balanced Jigging Lures are the collection of many professional anglers! These Lures are great for both winter and summer fishing! Professional anglers, of their constant quest to outfish the contest once in a while go “out of doors the box” to make it to the winner’s circle. Within the warmth of summer when large “hawgs” are holding on sunken islands and different bottom structure, Professional anglers flip to a conventional winter Trap, the Rapala Balanced Jigging Trap. Planting right on most sensible of marked fish, they are able to many times swim this tantalizing Trap in circles right in the midst of deep or suspended gamefish. Put a few of those great all-year lures for your take on box before your next travel out. Species: Bass, walleye, salmon, trout, pike; Methodology: Vertical jigging; Running depth: Variable; Advisable knot: Double loop knot; Big variety of sizes and color alternatives. Land more lunkers with these Lures… Order ONLINE Lately! Make a selection model. AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Rapala Balanced Jigging Lures in a lot of colors and sizes – word search in our Store for ‘Rapala Lures’. Rapala Balanced Jigging Lures: 2″ Body Length; Glow Tiger Color


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