Rapala Glass Shad Rap GSR04 Lure


Rapala Glass Shad Rap Trap. The following technology of Rapala’s mythical Shad Rap lures, that includes an cutting edge prismatic “glass” three-D glance. While the sunshine hits the Trap, it displays in masses of instructions unexpectedly, with chameleon action that selections up the colour of its setting and bounces the colours back in an iridescent glow. Combining the proven natural patterns of the Shad Rap with the long casting, rattling, and postponing options, the Shad Rap has all of it. More: five’-eleven’ operating depth; 1 1/2″ body period; Weighs 3/sixteen ounces.; Two #6 hooks. State Colour. Order Yours Lately! Rapala Glass Shad Rap GSR04 Trap


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