Pulsar XD50A Quantum Thermal Imaging Scope

384×288 resolution, 30hz refresh rate
2.5x magnification
2x digital zoom


Featuring a 50 hertz frame rate – upper than such a lot in the marketplace – and 640×480 LCD display solution for a crisp, consistent symbol of fast-moving objects, the Pulsar Quantum XD50A Thermal Imaging Monocular is engineered to trace targets briefly and simply. Its thermal core solution of 384×288 captures maximum thermal energy efficiently for a more detailed symbol. Successfully penetrating via fog and smoke in day and middle of the night operations, its long-distance viewing is made conceivable by a 2x digital zoom, which increases the 2.5x magnification to 5x. It detects “white hot” and “black hot” warmth signatures to As much as 1,200 yards away. The Pulsar Quantum XD50A’s LCD display and a lot of modes, make it the suitable selection for all kinds of applications including: search and rescue missions, reconnaissance, hunting, and covert law enforcement/military operations. It features 3 new operating modes and calibration modes, allowing users to customise the monocular to their surrounding environment. The 3 operating modes (Town, Forest and Identification) deliver enhanced contrast, considerably making improvements to rendering of hot object main points. Users can choose between the automated, manual or semi-automatic calibration modes, which calibrates the picture in just 1 to 2 seconds. It includes a normal weaver rail and tripod mount, making an allowance for attachment of external power provides, in addition to video output to record every session.
384×288 solution, 30hz refresh rate
2.5x magnification
2x digital zoom
Manual, automatic, and semi automatic calibration modes
As much as 1,200 yd. detection range (human size target)


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