Pulsar PL76315 Digisight N770 Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Fine image quality and resolution
One-shot zeroing
Digital Zoom

Engineered for legislation enforcement execs and skilled hunters, the Pulsar Digisight N770 delivers awesome daytime and midnight capability, leaving the operator just about undetected within the evening. The N770 is designed for shorter-vary applications such as covert army operations, and varmint or hog searching. In contrast to different laser infrared illuminators available on the market, the N770’s 915nm invisible laser IR illuminator allows a far dimmer crimson glow from the IR supply, making it invisible to animals and not more visual to people.
Fine symbol high quality and determination
One-shot zeroing
Virtual Zoom
Lengthy eye reduction
Integrated invisible 915nm laser IR illuminator with three-step energy adjustment


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