Pulsar HD19A Quantum Thermal Imaging Scope

384×288 resolution, 30hz refresh rate
1x magnification
2x digital zoom


Featuring a thermal core answer of 384×288 to capture maximum thermal energy, the Pulsar Quantum HD19A delivers “white hot” and “black hot” warmth signature remark that can be utilized for a limiteless vary of uses from hunting, to surveillance and law enforcement applications. The top 30 hertz refresh rate and 640×480 LCD display answer contributes to a crisp, consistent symbol of faster-moving objects more than 500 yards away. Long-distance viewing is made imaginable by the 2x digital zoom, which increases the 1x magnification to 2x. Its 3 new operating modes (Town, Forest and Identification) be offering enhanced contrast, considerably bettering rendering of hot object main points. Users can make a choice from the automated, manual or semi-automatic calibration modes, which calibrates the lens in simply 1 to 2 seconds. Provided with durable, glass-nylon composite housing and a weight just below one pound, the Quantum HD19A Thermal Imaging Monocular is very lightweight and weather resistant, ready to resist the tough environments of the outside. It includes a regular weaver rail and tripod mount, taking into consideration attachment of external power provides, in addition to video output to record every session.
384×288 answer, 30hz refresh rate
1x magnification
2x digital zoom
Manual, automatic, and semi automatic calibration modes
As much as 515 yd. detection vary (human size target)


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