PSE Madness 34 70# Ready to Shoot Compound Bow

FPS 342-334, Peak weight 50,60,70lb
Brace height 6″, axle to axle 34 1/4″
Let off is 80%, mass weight 4.1lbs

The PSE Bow Insanity has been a pace-setter in single-cam, prime-efficiency bows, all is set to switch. Introducing The brand new Bow Insanity 34 Holiday-Up Infinity 70# with the unique Insanity Hybrid Cam. It adjusts like a single cam, however provides you with the efficiency spice up you need from a hybrid. The brand new Bow Insanity 34 additionally includes a cast riser, 34″ axle-to-axle, eighty% Allow-off, and fires at a blistering 342 fps. RTS comprises: Aries sight, Whisker Biscuit relax, Flexxtech 3 stabilizer, Shadow quiver, PSE neoprene sling, peep sight and nock loop. 3 colours to choose between: Holiday-Up Infinity or Skull works Camo, Cast Black.
FPS 342-334, Top weight 50,60,70lb
Brace peak 6″, axle to axle 34 1/four”
Allow off is eighty%, mass weight 4.1lbs
Draw duration vary 24 half of”x 30 half of”
RTS comprises: Aires sight, Whisker Biscuit relax











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