Primos Hunting Control Freak Scent Eliminator Pit Stick, 2.25-Ounce

Primos has been trusted by individuals for decades. Products that are made of quality material and designed to withstand the toughest environments. Trust the Brand that others in the field use and don’t settle for less.
Quality materials used for all primos products
100 percent designed and tested for the toughest situations and environments

Primos Regulate Freak is a Twin Action product controls each bacteria-brought about odors such as body odor and no-bacterial odors such as smoke and food odors. Primos Regulate Freak Complete Protection works on contact and right away eliminates odors and assists in keeping them long past for as much as 24 hours.
Primos has been relied on by people for many years. Merchandise which are product of quality subject matter and designed to resist the hardest environments. Believe the Emblem that others within the field use and do not accept less.
Quality fabrics used for all primos Merchandise
100 % designed and tested for the hardest scenarios and environments
Deodorant and Antiperspirant in a single
No ugly residue or stains
2.25 oz.


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