Ocean Waves Atlantic Beach Sunglasses

100% Polarized – helps eliminate glare, both direct and reflected
100 percent UVA/B/C protection – allows your eyes to relax and enjoy the view while protecting your eyes from damaging light
Blocks maximum amount of glare and light without distortion of image, color, or depth perception

Restricted Lifetime Warranty – against manufactures defect. Plus, we provide a repair program where you’ll be able to purchase the portions had to make your pair complete after an accidental dropping or standard wear and tear, for the life of the glasses.
one hundred% Polarized – is helping do away with glare, both direct and mirrored
100 p.c UVA/B/C protection – lets in your eyes to chill out and benefit from the view even as protective your eyes from damaging light
Blocks most quantity of glare and light-weight with out distortion of symbol, color, or depth perception
Lens vents save you fogging and soft temple guidelines permit a custom designed have compatibility
Restricted lifetime warranty – against manufactures defect,plus, we provide a repair program
Our technologically advanced polarization film lets in most effective the natural
Glare free rays to pass thru even as providing true color transmission and superb depth perception


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