Oberwerk 25/40×100 “Contemporary” Long-Range Observation Binocular

100mm (4″) diameter triple-element objectives
25x and 40x eyepieces on rotating turrets
Highest-quality fully broadband multi-coated optics


The Oberwerk Long-Vary Statement Binocular is without equal optical instument for the house or place of job with a view. With it is high quality optics and at ease two-eyed viewing, this binocular simply outperforms even the costliest brass telescope. The usage of each eyes adds depth and standpoint to the view. Comprises two pairs of eyepieces on rotating turrets, which enable instant switching between 25x and 40x magnification. The suave Carl Zeiss design and armed forces heritage make it a singular conversation piece. A 7×50 finder-scope is included with the binocular. Note: It is a massive binocular, you should definitely have sufficient room to accomodate it. The binocular is 24″ long and weighs 26 lbs. The tripod feet require a 36″ circle of floor area.
100mm (four”) diameter triple-component objectives
25x and 40x eyepieces on rotating turrets
Best possible-quality totally broadband multi-lined optics
Rugged solid aluminum body with take care of
Complete with 7×50 finderscope and hardwood tripod


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