NiteSite Eagle 550 Yards Identification Range Scope Mounted Night Vision System for Zero Light Hunting (Black, Full Kit)

Product Description

The NiteSite EAGLE / EAGLE RTEK is an extended Vary night vision system for searching in zero mild.
It converts your day scope (there is no wish to cast off it) into a formidable night vision system.

– Identification Vary: 550 Yards*
– Usable calibre: Any
– Internet weight (aside from battery): 638g / 698g (RTEK)
– Operational run time at typical usage (IR at Part Power) 5.8 hours / 4.7 hours(RTEK)
– IR Frequency: 850nM
– IR LEDs: five
– Visual display unit: 3.5 inch
– Operating Temperature: -4F to 140F
– Video output: 3.5mm 4 pin jack

What’s within the box (EAGLE)
1 x Heavy duty field lift case
1 x Illuminator module and viewing screen
1 x Digital IR camera module
1 x 2Ah (4Ah for RTEK) Li-ion battery
1 x 12 volt lithium-ion charger
2 x Multi diameter scope sleeves 35mm and 40mm
2 x Multi diameter scope clamps 25mm and 30mm
1 x Anti-recoil clamp
1 x pack of 5 Anti-glare filters
1 x Instruction
1 x Ensure card
Additional for RTEK
1 x RTEK IR recording camera module with external focus
1 x 4GB Micro SD card and adapter

From the Manufacturer
At NiteSite we design and manufacture patented night vision merchandise for searching and nil mild statement.
We utilise infrared in a singular technique to make our merchandise more inexpensive, reliable and user friendly than traditional mild amplification technologies. Our merchandise deliver crisp, ultra-transparent night vision, without reference to ambient mild prerequisites.

*Vary subject to individual optics/weather prerequisites”.

Model Name – Eagle
Batteries are Included – Yes
Further Options – water-resistance
Temperature Rating – 140F
Battery Average Life – 3.5 hours
Mfg Guaranty Kind (i.e. Portions, Labor) – 24 month Ensure card. Note: Battery packs are guaranteed for 12 months


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