Mister Twister FILLET COMBO EZ-ScaleR Electric Fillet Knife Combo

Runs on 120V AC power
Lightweight, comfortable handle for better control
Extra sharp blade for fast, easy filleting

If you need to spend more time fishing and not more time cleaning your catch, you owe it to yourself to change to the trade’s #1 fish fillet knife, the electrical fisherman from Mister Twister. Nobody is aware of more about electrical fish fillet knives than Mister Twister for the reason that electrical fisherman has been the trade’s #1 fish fillet knife since Mister Twister presented it in 1986. Designed by fishermen for fishermen, the electrical fisherman is designed in particular for cleaning fish. The “heart” of any electrical appliance is the motor, and Mister Twister electrical fisherman has the center of a champion. Paired up with Mister Twister new ez-scaler!! you’ll blank your pile of fish in only some mins. The ez-scaler’s reciprocating heads move at 2,800 to 3,200 revolutions per minute lifting just about one scale at a time. Definitely, that is the arena’s fastest fish scaler.
Runs on 120V AC power
Light-weight, at ease deal with for higher regulate
Further sharp blade for quick, simple filleting
Fast & convenient blade unlock
Comes with bonus ez-scaler free


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