Minn Kota 55 Powerdrive V2 12V i – Pilot Trolling Motor

GPS – precise Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 i – Pilot Trolling Motors. Featuring the up to date i-Pilot, now with more Spot-Lock locations, more recordable tracks, and newer, better remote Regulate! i-Pilot mechanically controls and steers your boat the usage of GPS technology . Lock onto a fishing spot – and stay there. Record a successful path, then retrace it later. Set cruise Regulate for the very best bait presentation. All wireless, all with GPS accuracy, all with the sole purpose of making you a greater angler on the push of a button. But i-Pilot’s only a part of the package. You also get battery-maximizing, power-conserving Digital Maximization that will help you stay out longer. And it all comes powered by a beefy Weedless Wedge 2 prop, and backed by Minn Kota’s famous cool, quiet power. Read on for the entire fun details: Take a look at the entire ways the up to date i-Pilot will let you: Record a Track – simply push the record button and fish along your desired course, and i-Pilot stores the track… as much as 6 tracks total. When you need to retrieve the course, the playback function mechanically guides your boat along the track. Spot-Lock – Make a choice as much as 6 separate spots for i-Pilot to keep in mind that. When you need to go back, simply press the button, and the i-Pilot will take you there from up to 1 / 4 mile away. Cruise Regulate – provides you with unparalleled bait presentation by maintaining the very best speed you select. Lets you adjust your speed in 1/10 MPH increments. Advanced Autopilot – simply point the Terrova within the direction you need to head, and the i-Pilot assists in keeping you on a GPS-best course even as compensating for waft and wind. Copilot – the brand new and improved i-Pilot remote includes a 20% larger LCD screen and high-vis buttons. Compact, watertight and easy to make use of, the Copilot remote provides you with instant feedback on active functions, speed, prop on / off status, GPS signal strength and more. Minn Kota’s famous cool, quiet power: Larger brushes, windings and commutators generate less heat, less noise










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