Meprolight MX3 3x Magnifier and M21 Self-Powered Reflex Sight Aiming System

Compact, lightweight and rugged
Simple to attach – doesn’t interfere with firing
Does not require zeroing

The Mepro MX3 supplies a decisive operational answer for any soldier within the field, in addition to for sharpshooters. Its X3 magnification enhances the precision and effectiveness of reflex sights such as Mepro 21 and Mepro MOR.

Manufactured to the absolute best military standards to assure years of reliable operation underneath all field stipulations, the Mepro MX3 extends shooting vary without a want to re-zero the sights. Any soldier can use it simply and get pleasure from its benefits. The Mepro MX3 magnifying scope attaches to any same old MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail at the back of a reflex sight, by the use of a handy guide a rough free up adapter. In adverse eventualities it may also be hooked up at the back of the regular metal sights.

Bundle Includes:
• Meprolight MX3 3X Magnifier for Reflex and Red Dot Sights
• Meprolight 30mm Self-Powered Day/Night Reflex Sight with Dust Duvet And 4.3 MOA Reticle

Compact, light-weight and rugged
Easy to glue – does not interfere with firing
Does no longer require zeroing
Attaches to weapon’s same old MIL-STD-1913 rail
Wide field of view – lets in coming into firing position temporarily


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