Marksman BB .177 Air Pistol

Bb repeater shoots BBs through 18 shot reservoir
Also shoots 177 caliber pellets, darts and bolts, single shot
Blade front sight, Adjustable rear sight

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Marksman BB air pistol with Squared cause protect and customized grips. 18 shot BB repeat reservoir for repeat taking pictures. Additionally shoots 177 quality pellets, darts or bolts unmarried-shot. You should pull again at the slide to cock the gun for every shot.
Bb repeater shoots BBs thru 18 shot reservoir
Additionally shoots 177 quality pellets, darts and bolts, unmarried shot
Blade entrance sight, Adjustable rear sight
Slide cocking motion with spring Piston Energy
Speed 200 FPS with BBs. Total period 9 inch , weight 1 lb
Speed: 200fps
Energy supply: spring piston
Cocking motion: slide
Ammo: .177 BBs, pellets, darts and bolts
Clamshell packaging


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