MAKERSHOT Custom Magazine Speedloader (Select Your Magazine)

Select your magazine compatibility above.
Perfect fit on magazine for ideal loading of every round.
High-quality polymer speedloader designed in the USA.

MakerShot speed loaders are fine-tuned across greater than two-dozen essential dimensions for a particular Mag, leading to Easiest are compatible, speed, comfort, and sturdiness. This complicated technology, developed in the us, creates Fine quality loaders which are merely the fastest and very best to make use of. In particular designed for the advertised firearm model. Clone magazines are more likely to work. Mag NOT included. Can be used with thumb from most sensible or with thumb and pointer finger along rim.
Make a choice your Mag compatibility above.
Easiest are compatible on Mag for ideal loading of each and every spherical.
Fine quality polymer speedloader designed in the us.
Nice speed and ergonomics, and sturdy for an entire life.
Simple load lend a hand will save you sore fingers on the vary.


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