LimbSaver Silent Quiver for Bow Hunting, One Piece

Silent Quiver
One Piece

Offering an leading edge low profile, light-weight design, the LimbSaver Silent Quiver features an ultra-quiet NAVCOM hood, double rubber grippers that hold almost any arrow shaft size, and a snappy detach system. An crucial piece of kit for bow hunters who wish to stay undetected within the wild, the Silent Quiver’s double grippers are constructed of LimbSaver’s proprietary NAVCOM technology (Noise and Vibration Regulate Subject material), which dampens vibration in addition to unwanted noise. The grippers have a universal design that matches both fixed and expandable broad heads, in addition to a large spectrum of shaft sizes. The Silent quiver also includes a fast disconnect system operated by a very simple-to-get right of entry to thumb free up, positionable shaft gripper, and machined-in holes for looping cords thru to hold. The use of state of the art technologies, LimbSaver produces highly effective noise- and vibration-dampening merchandise for archery and firearm merchandise, together with bow stabilizers, recoil pads, rifle slings, and more. Proudly engineered and hand-made in the us, LimbSaver merchandise are widely utilized by out of doors enthusiasts, military, law enforcement, and more.
Silent Quiver
One Piece
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