Leupold VX-R 2-7×33 Firedot Duplex

Effective Light Transmision
VX-R Rifle Scope
Contrast and Resolution

t’s simple to peer why we are saying the brand new VX·R is not any strange riflescope. Except the all-new fiber optic LED illumination Gadget hired within the unique FireDotTM Reticle Gadget, you’ll be able to additionally enjoy the graceful, businesslike glance and blank strains atop your favourite rifle. One glance thru the brand new VX-R and you are able to enjoy the entire advantages that Leupold’s state of the art optics coupled with up to date illumination can bring to undergo.
Efficient Gentle Transmision
VX-R Rifle Scope
Distinction and Solution
FireDot Duplex Illuminated Reticle


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