Leupold MARK 8 3.5-25x56mm ER/T Illuminated M5B2 Riflescope

Mark 8 Riflescope – 3.5-25x56mm ER/T, Matte, TREMOR 2Manufacture ID: 115480The Leupold Mark 8 riflescope comprises the whole lot professional operators need into one extremely versatile riflescope. Unparalleled 8x zoom range lets in for speedy target acquisition at lower powers, and precise target identification and accuracy at extreme distances. The fitting combination of precision and gear.Powerful. Flexible. Big on performance. It offers an enormous field of view at low magnification, in addition to superb long-range target discrimination at higher powers. The 56mm objective yields a more forgiving shooter position at the back of the optic, and the front focal plane reticle lets in for accurate ranging at any magnification. Auto-locking Pinch and Turn adjustments with 0.10 Mil clicks are extremely simple to regulate, yet do away with accidental adjustment within the field.Developed by Horus Vision, the H-58 reticle is an optically precise reticle which has a uniform grid etched on glass. The optically ergonomic design and layout of the reticle includes a built-in rangefinder to give you the rifleman a clear picture and numeric details about the objective.The Xtended Twilight lens coatings take light management to a complete new level. By placing extra emphasis on matching coatings to glass indices, Leupold’s in a position to succeed in the most efficient imaginable transmission of the blue/violet spectrum (ideal for the low-light conditions of crack of dawn or dusk). Leupold low-light performance is unmatched within the field, promising better target/background definition and a bright, razor sharp optical picture.Absolutely water resistant and fog proof, the Mark 8 3.5-25x56mm CQBSS M5B2 Riflescope completely removes compromise. Highly detailed reticle pattern and 7 different reticle intensity settings with positive “off” between each and every setting.Features:- Ideal magnification for close quarter battles in addition to distances to a few hundred meters- 35mm main tube experiences unparalleled windage and elevation adjustment go back and forth- Firs


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