KBQ C-60/SS BBQ Smoker Pit

AmazingRibs.com 2015 Top Ten Best Value Backyard Smokers
Inverted Flame™ Firebox enables precise control of smoke flavor
AutoDraft™ Controlbox enables precise control of temperature

Barbecue. Precisely.

The KBQ C-60/SS pit is a breakthrough in barbecue technology. Lauded within the groundbreaking food science tome Modernist Cuisine, by barbecue equipment tester AmazingRibs, and by the legendary Mike Mills, the C-60’s independent keep watch over of combustion and warmth transfer processes enable precise flavor and temperature keep watch over. Barbecue’s unique flavor is influenced by many factors, however the motive force is smoke, and all smoke isn’t created equal. The degree to which smoke is burned (flame = burning smoke) has an enormous affect on flavor:

Unburned smoke condenses as creosote, which makes black, bitter, and (frequently) gastronomically destabilizing barbecue

Cleanly burned smoke creates a light, sweet, and almost floral flavor profile

The continuum between these extremes is a serve as of the degree of smoke combustion

With great attention and years of revel in, experts learn how to keep a fire burning cleanly at the same time as making exactly the correct quantity of warmth – these guys can make great barbecue in a hole within the ground. KBQ technology used to be developed for the remainder of us. The patented Inverted Flame Firebox enables instant number of sweet underfire smoke, punchy overfire smoke, or any combination thereof. The AutoDraft Controlbox regulates pit temperature at your setpoint. If you’ll be able to put a log in a box, you’ll be able to make great barbecue in a KBQ pit. Every pit features a 60-lb capacity Cookbox with 12-position racks and 4 12″ x 20″ shelves, a fire Tending Hook and 3″ wheels at the rear legs. This mixture of process keep watch over, natural wood (log) fuel, capacity, materials, engineering, and workmanship is unmatched by any competitor, at any price, anyplace on Earth.

AmazingRibs.com 2015 Most sensible Ten Best possible Value Backyard Smokers
Inverted Flame™ Firebox enables precise keep watch over of smoke flavor
AutoDraft™ Controlbox enables precise keep watch over of temperature
Burns natural, readily to be had hardwood logs for authentic flavor
Made in Texas, USA. Laser-cut, chrome steel construction all the way through





















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