Hunters Specialties Scent-A-Way Travel Shower Kit

Includes Scent-A-Way bar soap
Includes Scent-A-Way shampoo & conditioner
Includes Scent-A-Way antiperspirant

Odor invisible with the Smell-A-Approach bathe equipment for deer, Elk and Predator hunters to move without equal take a look at within the box. Comprises Smell-A-Approach bar cleaning soap, shampoo and conditioner in addition to antiperspirant to keep watch over human odors. Prerequisites and Soothes the outside without a fragrances, dyes or smell generating foods. Features a tan Smell-A-Approach toiletry bag.
Comprises Smell-A-Approach bar cleaning soap
Comprises Smell-A-Approach shampoo & conditioner
Comprises Smell-A-Approach antiperspirant
Comprises tan Smell-A-Approach toiletry bag
Controls human odors without a fragrances or dyes


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