Holosun Dual Reticles Solar Shroud

Holosun Dual Reticles Solar Shroud
Micro Red Dot
Unlimited field of view

It is a new small compact Crimson dot sight with the choice of a 2MOA dot best or a 2 MOA dot with a 65MOA circle reticle trend. Using new LED generation, the lifestyles time for one CR2032 battery can succeed in 2 years if left on continuously. On the other hand, the Sun generation and automated brightness options paintings in combination to increase the battery lifestyles dramatically beyond that for the typical shooter. The U indicates a housing design that shrouds the windage and elevation turrets on two aspects. The sight could also be put in on quite a lot of firearms such as shotguns, pistols, rifles, air rifles and crossbows.
Holosun Twin Reticles Sun Shroud
Micro Crimson Dot
Unlimited box of view
Parallax-loose with unlimited eye aid
Sturdy and dependable building


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