HIVIZ Front Heckler and Koch Pistol Sights, Green

Hi-viz HK2011-G hk front sight
Resin over molded
Fits that;k models HK45, HK45C,hk-p30 ; hk-P30L

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HiViz Heckler and Koch entrance pistol sight, made with resin overmold. It is available in Inexperienced fiber optic circle of relatives LitePipes. It Suits the HK45, HK45C, HK P30, HK P30L, HK P2000 and HK P2000 SK. All HiViz merchandise are coated in opposition to defects in fabrics and workmanship for a whole 12 months.
Hello-viz HK2011-G hk entrance sight
Resin over molded
Suits that;Ok fashions HK45, HK45C,hk-p30 ; hk-P30L
H&Ok entrance sight, resin overmold
Inexperienced sight set
H&Ok entrance sight Suits HK45, HK45C, HK-P30, HK-P30L, P2000 and P2000 SK
1 12 months producers guaranty


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