Hirbawi Premium Arabic Scarf 100% Cotton Shemagh Keffiyeh 47″x47″ Arab Scarf

Whether you might be wanting to display appreciation on your Arabic heritage, show solidarity or simply searching for a way so as to add a little of style on your black and white outfits, this fashionable scarf is the very best choice for you!

This classic 47″ x 47″ black and white Arabic scarf is traditionally known as Keffiyeh, Kufiya, Hatta or Shemagh scarf. They’re carefully made in Palestine by Palestinian people and imported instantly as a way to make sure the highest level of quality assurance and authenticity.

You’ll dress them up or You’ll wear them with casual outfits such as jeans and a tee. The large size permits them to be worn as a neck scarf or used for all kinds of other purposes such as a protective head covering, a handy towel or a comfy throw blanket. Unlike lesser quality scarves, ours are incredibly soft and extremely comfortable. They’re constituted of a breathable cotton material which helps to keep you cool on hot summer days and warm all the way through the cold winter months.

The black-and-white kufiya is continuously known as the unofficial Palestinian flag, and carries deep meaning for individuals who wear it. There are a large number of stories concerning the origin of its pattern. It’s said to represent a fishing net, a honeycomb, the joining of hands, or the marks of dirt and sweat wiped off a worker’s brow, among other things.

Well, what are you looking ahead to?

It is time to add this sort of stylish Arabic scarves on your number of fashion accessories.

Kufiya Nation is authorized Hirbawi re-seller. We only sell scarves which might be meant for export and are of the highest grade cotton material. We work instantly with the factory without a middlemen involved


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