Hi-Viz Rear Turkey Sight Small – Fits 1/4-9/32 Ribs

Hi-Viz two dot rear turkey sight
Fully adjustable, small size
Mounts on shotguns with vent ribs with 1/4″ to 9/32″

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Hello-Viz -Dot Rear Turkey Sight-Small is an absolutely adjustable rear sight with Inexperienced LitePipes. Mounts on any shot gun with ventilated ribs with widths of one/four”” to nine/32″. Placed your tag on Mister Longbeard with tremendous shiny Hello-Viz points of interest. Shoot Higher, shoot with Hello-Viz.
Hello-Viz dot rear turkey sight
Absolutely adjustable, small measurement
Mounts on shotguns with vent ribs with 1/four” to nine/32″
Shoot Higher with shiny points of interest
Nice for turkey looking and extra!
Double dot Absolutely adjustable rear shotgun sight
Twin Inexperienced LitePipes
Suits Remington Benelli Charles Daly Ithaca and Browning box weapons
HiViz recommends gunsmith install for all dovetail points of interest. Because of production tolerances, a few firearms would possibly require further installing.


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