Heddon Saltwater Super Spook Lure

Heddon Bestselling Fishing Lures
Diving Depth: Topwater
Species: All Freshwater Game Fish

The backbone of the well-known Heddon Zara Spook circle of relatives is the Tremendous Spook. The function surroundings those fashions aside from different Zaras is their Tremendous stout hardware device, from line ties to hooks, all designed to get up to essentially the most voracious species. The five-inch Tremendous Spook boasts three Tremendous-sharp hooks giving this fashion 30% more hooking energy…particularly essential for education stripers and different laborious charging species. Avid Tremendous Spook anglers have mentioned: “Fish don’t merely hit a Tremendous Spook. They assault it!”
Heddon Bestselling Fishing Lures
Diving Intensity: Topwater
Species: All Freshwater Recreation Fish
Methodology: “Walk the Canine” Solid and retrieve with erratic action simulating a wounded baitfish.
For easiest resultes, use a double loop knot with 8-10 lb check line.


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