Glacier Glove Islamorada Gray Sungloves

Fingerless glove with built in 50+ UPF protection
Breathable and quick drying materials make these gloves ideal for watersports activities
Dr. Shade TM Poly Elastane/Spandex Partial Synthetic leather palm

Fingerless paddling and crusing glove options Dr. ShadeTM 50+ UPF solar coverage. The again of the glove is built of light-weight, breathable material, offering each a cushy really feel, Nice are compatible and inbuilt solar coverage. A man-made leather-based palm protects the hand even as offering a safe grip/ Fingerless solar glove
Fingerless glove with inbuilt 50+ UPF coverage
Breathable and fast drying fabrics make those gloves perfect for watersports actions
Dr. Coloration TM Poly Elastane/Spandex Partial Artificial leather-based palm
Nice are compatible and sturdy building


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