Frabill Shrimp Shak Bait Bucket with Aerator, 4.25 gal

Frabill 14261 Shrimp Shak 4.25Gal
Affordable aeration
Whsiper drive pump

Min-O2-Lifestyles merchandise supply anglers with Whisper Force aeration for an Reasonably priced value. Each and every Min-O2-Lifestyles product includes a whisper Force pump offering top of the range, ultra quiet aeration. Patent Pending “Grasp-On” Bait Display- Lets in shrimp to climb up and adhere to inside walls of the bait bucket will increase the amount of bait that may be maintained. Detachable Insulated Liner – Drops in for temperature regulate, lifts out for simple cleaning. Accent Lid – Molded in notches for equipment similar to minnow dip nets and aerators. Self Status Bait Door – simple get entry to to bait. Comes supplied with a 1423 Frabill aerator – for whisper quiet aeration that runs ultra quiet Capability- 4.25 Gallon. Fashion 14261
Frabill 14261 Shrimp Shak 4.25Gal
Reasonably priced aeration
Whsiper Force pump


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