Fly Box–Large Fishing “Go To” Fly Box with Swing Leaf Center

Large Fly Box with center swing leaf, great for trout flies
Rugged Durable Sure Grip, great for Salt water or Fresh water fly fishing
Watertight Fly Box-sealed with rubber gaskets, durable fly box

This fly Field will temporarily turn into a fly fisherman’s “Pass To” Field. This Field is 7.five” x 4.five” x 1.seventy five” with a swing leaf middle. It has a favorable latch and certain grip external. It’s rugged, Sturdy, and watertight. Will Cling masses of flies securely and secure. Will glide if dropped. NO FLIES INCLUDED ONLY FOR ILLUSTRATION
Huge Fly Field with middle swing leaf, nice for trout flies
Rugged Sturdy Certain Grip, nice for Salt water or Recent water fly fishing
Watertight Fly Field-sealed with rubber gaskets, Sturdy fly Field
Cling masses of flies, nice fly garage
Will remaining for years, difficult ABS and stainless-steel hinge pins


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