Flir Scout II 240 Thermal Imager

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera
Detects the body heat of animals and people in any terrain, day or night
640×680 pixel LCD screen

Scout II is a compact thermal night vision camera built for the good outdoors. Scout II detects the body warmth of animals and other folks in any terrain, day or night. Track game, get well downed animals, look forward to predators, and keep conscious about your surroundings after darkness falls. With a prime answer LCD display, video out (320 model) and a collection of magnifications, Scout II empowers you to revel in wild places like never before. Packages Come with:- Hand held Thermal Camera- USB Power Adapter/Charger- Wrist strap- Custom Video out cable (320 version)- USB Cable- Fast Get started Guide- Molle Bag Features: See the Night in Any Terrain:- Bright LCD screen shows animals and other folks in total darkness- 13mm lenses supply broad situational awareness- Detects warmth signatures As much as 550 yards away, depending on model- 640 x 480 pixel LCD screen shows crisp and transparent imagery- Produces better scene contrast than I2 night vision Snatch and Go Simplicity:- Starts up in seconds, no coaching required- Simple-to-use menu: Power, Polarity, Zoom, and LCD Brightness- As much as 2X e-zoom (320 model)- Freeze Frame feature (240 model)- Detection palettes: White Hot, Black Hot, and Installers- Utility light for locating pieces dropped at midnight Compact and Rugged:- Fits in any pack, withstands hard drops and shallow water- Fits easily within the palm of your hand- Light weight, best 12 oz.- Weather-tight, ergonomic design- >5-hour Internal Li-Ion battery Specifications:- Detector Sort: 240 x 180 VOx Micro bolometer- Video Refresh Rate: < 1.5 seconds- Waveband: 7.5 - 13.5 m- Thermal Sensitivity: 5 Hours Environmental:- Rating: IP-67, Submersible- Operating Temperature: -4 Degree to 122 Degree- Storage Temperature: -40 Degree to 140 Degree- Drop: 1m Physical:- Size: 6.70" x 2.31"x 2.44"- Weight: 12 OzRrange Performance:- Detect Man (1.8 m x 0.5 m): 350 Yards. FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera Detects the body warmth of animals and other folks in any terrain, day or night 640x680 pixel LCD screen 13mm Lenses [amz_corss_sell asin="B008U8I362"]


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