EOTech LWTS Light Weapon Thermal Sight Gray TWB-001-A3

Battery Power Four AA lithium batteries
Battery Life 10 hours
Magnification 1X with 2X digital zoom

The Gentle Weapon Thermal Sight (LWTS) is a particularly flexible thermal imaging resolution. This clip-on system mounts in entrance of your day optics and lets you view your reticle over the thermal Symbol. As well as, it may be used as a hand-held statement instrument or fixed on its own as a stand-on my own weapon sight. The thermal imaging capacity of the LWTS permits for lengthy-wave infrared statement and target identification below adverse prerequisites together with, Gentle rain, smoke, Gentle snow and occasional Gentle to total darkness. 640×480 17 micron answer. Actual-time video in/out for remote viewing. Symbol and video capture for download to PC.
Battery Energy 4 AA lithium batteries
Battery Lifestyles 10 hours
Magnification 1X with 2X virtual zoom
Center of attention Vary 3 m to infinity


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