Drake LST Men’s Heavyweight Eqwader Deluxe Full Zip Jacket Polyester

Magnattach Pocket on left chest
License/Key Pocket on right chest
Heat-Escape Vents under the arms

Drake’s patented Eqwader design is now to be had in a overdue-season model. This Deluxe Full Zip version offers advanced features now not found on the usual LST Eqwader, including a removable hood, Warmth-Escape Vents below the arms, a Call Separator, and Deep Water Handwarmer Pockets. Constructed with one hundred% water resistant/breathable Refuge HS subject matter at the arms, higher body, and hood for cover above waders. The lower body is constructed of 400-gram interlock soft-shell fabric sponsored by a 400-gram pile fleece lining for heat.Drake’s patented Eqwader technology revolutionized waterfowl clothing and has been a core piece of the Drake Waterfowl logo since day one. Identical to the Earth’s equator is the dividing line between two distinct temperate zones, Drake spotted a an identical dividing line at the body when you find yourself dressed in chest waders: cold, hostile prerequisites above the waders, and heat, humid prerequisites beneath the waders. Our distinctive combination of water resistant/breathable fabric at the sleeves and higher body matched with ultra-breathable fleece at the lower body introduced an entire new level of comfort and function when dressed in chest waders. The moisture-wicking fleece at the lower torso is 15 times more breathable than the higher water resistant subject matter and works to forestall the build-up of perspiration and moisture vapor. These dual zones of protection stay you dry both outside and inside your waders.
Magnattach Pocket on left chest
License/Key Pocket on right chest
Warmth-Escape Vents below the arms
Deep Water Handwarmer Pockets
Call Separator


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