Dokken Dead Fowl Gambrel’s Quail Hunting Dog Retriever Trainer

Dead Fowl Gambrel’s Quail
Dokken Q200
Scent Injectable

Whilst now not an actual reproduction in measurement and weight, the Gambel’s Quail Lifeless Chicken Instructor is 2 half to 3 times better than an actual Quail. It’s designed to be used in teaching correct retrieving tactics for Retriever puppies and for Spaniels, Flushing and Pointing Breed Canines. Those running shoes have a herbal recreation chicken really feel, Lifeless chicken neck, won’t sink, and are simple to throw. Made in the us.

General duration is approximately 12″ from tip of the beak to the end of the tail. Approximately 3 half” in diameter (10″ girth), weighs approximately 8 oz..
Lifeless Chicken Gambrel’s Quail
Dokken Q200
Smell Injectable
Floats in water
Measures 12in x 3-1/2in


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