Deluxe Ball/Bullet Starter Thompson Center Accessories 34007054

Deluxe Ball/Bullet Starter
Wannanty Limited lifetime warranty covers the product through the lifetime of the original purchaser except in the case
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Thompson Middle 4 inches in period this hardwood starter is very similar to the usual style apart from that it gives the added function of what’s usually referred to as a “palm saver”.The opening within the knob finish of the starter is placed over the tip of the ramrod when seating bullets. This selection gives coverage to the hand and is especially useful when various shots are being firedor when a decent fitting ball or bullet is tricky to seat.For all .45 .50 .54 & .58 caliber models.
Deluxe Ball/Bullet Starter
Wannanty Restricted lifetime guaranty covers the product during the life of the unique purchaser apart from within the case
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