Danielson Bait Cage

Be confident that you will catch more crab with this bait cage inside your traps.
Allows for the bait to be securely fastened to your crab trap to maximize your catch.
Made of vinyl-coated steel wire for long lasting durability.

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The Danielson Bait Cage Assists in keeping bait Protected in larger crab traps. The cage will result in having more crab to your lure, because the bait will keep securely within the lure proceeding to draw crab. It includes a heavy-duty rubber band door closure and difficult vinyl- Covered steel Cord Development for longer Existence. Sufficiently big to simply accept all repeatedly used baits, it measures 6� x four� on the opening and is 8� deep.
Be assured that you are going to catch more crab with this bait cage within your traps.
Permits for the bait to be securely mounted on your crab lure to maximise your catch.
Made from vinyl-Covered steel Cord for long lasting sturdiness.
Assists in keeping Bait Protected in Larger Crab Traps
Heavy-Duty Rubber Band Door Closure
Rough Vinyl-Covered Steel Cord Development for Longer Existence
Small Mesh Bait Cage


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